The Lead Coach



Steve Attah is Founder  and Lead Coach of Peak Performance Resources, a foremost provider of coaching, leadership development and performance improvement in the workplace.

A former executive of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC), and pre-eminent thinker in leadership development and organizational change, Steve has been in the training and consulting field for fifteen years and works with business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Customizing all of his work for individual clients, he conducts strategic planning sessions and implements corporate wide systems such as quality improvement, reengineering of business processes, coaching and mentoring programs. He custom-design training programs for managers and leaders, and facilitates topics such as coaching employees, fostering creativity, team building, customer service, time management, stress management, speaking skills, conducting productive meetings, managing change, handling difficult employees, organizational communication, conflict resolution, and effective listening.

As a Performance Coach, Seminar Leader, and Entrepreneur, Steve specializes in helping people work as teams to maximize their effectiveness while maintaining personal achievement, fulfillment and productivity.

Steve possesses the uncanny ability to make it easy for anyone to create the mindsets, beliefs and conditions they need to make a change in their life that they want, but unable to attain on their own. His ultimate Assignment is to get people from all walks of life from Good to Great to EXTRAORDINARY!